Who we are

Greetings from Erebor!
Dwarven Armory is a professional costumes and props making shop based in Italy.
We make all kinds of armours, weapons and props.
Browse our shop and our gallery and feel free to contact us for business informations.

Dwarven armory starts in 2014 making it's way in the professional prop building scene, created by Alex Di Francesco, a self employed maker from Lake Como.In the beginning of 2017 with his friend and co-worker Andrea Scaion they turn a small individual business in a company, moving to Milan and opening their new shop.

Dwarves are in every fantasy setting the artisans, the crafters, the engineers and there's not a more appropriate way to describe what Dwarven Armory is made of.
We build everything out of passion and creativity and we offer high quality products for cosplay, costuming, ceremonies and collectors.

"Dwarves do it Better"

-Alex Di Francesco

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